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Graphic courtesy of Ancient Origins



Gary A. David, M.A.,
author and independent researcher.
Left: Photo courtesy of Santha Faiia, 2017.
 Right: Gary with the late Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma in front of Prophecy Rock, 2010.

Earth Origins 2020 Sedona May15th-17th, 2020


Erich von Daniken, Randall Carlson, Freddy Silva, Hugh Newman,
Martin Gray, Regina Meredith, Michael Cremo, Jim Vieira, JJ Ainsworth,
Laurie McDonald, Honovi Strongdeer, Gary A. David

May 15-17, 2020 register early online. We are gathering leading authors
at the Sedona Performing Arts Center for a weekend of exploration
with researchers who have done extensive investigation
into our ancient origins of Earth to grasp an overview
for remembering our collective ancient Earth Origins
to better navigate our future.
12 speakers to date so far, one weekend.
*Science *Mythology *Signs & Symbols *Wisdom Traditions *Phenomena
Fri. 6-10pm / Sat. 10am-8pm / Sun. 10am-6pm.

Ancient connections of antiquity seem to point to forgotten epochs
of our own origins where it is quite possible they had a much more advanced civilization
then our's today, given they could do things then that we can't even imagine.

See schedule

Also, come join us in May for a tour of the sacred lands
of the Orion Zone!

See intinerary at Worldviewz Media.

Books by Gary A. David


The Hopi of the Desert Southwest are known today as superb sky watchers and dry farmers, but long ago they were also accomplished sailors. This book explores the tribe's links to the South Pacific, Easter Island, Egypt, India, and Mayan Central America, where psychic Edgar Cayce claims a lost Hall of Records awaits discovery. Other topics include: hourglass symbols, lunation triangles, Ant People, Birdman, the Dogon of Africa, Lascaux, Orion the Hand Constellation, and the cosmic Kundalini quest to the heart of the Milky Way.

"Gary David, whose work on the archaeoastronomy of the Southwest is of the first importance, generously shared his extensive knowledge and insights with me on a journey through Arizona and New Mexico." -Graham Hancock, America Before

The Road to Orion

In the spring of 1997 I embarked on a research and writing quest that would last to this day. That fall I would turn 45, and my midlife crisis involved a change of literary partners: from poetry to nonfiction. I had been living with my family in northern Arizona for a few years, and had begun to explore the incredibly complex and intriguing Hopi culture, as well as their ancestral rock art in the region. During a drive to the reservation in order to watch the katsina (kachina) dancers, those bizarre, multicolored masked spirit messengers, I had an epiphany of sorts.

I had recently read Robert Bauval’s book The Orion Mystery, which basically posits that the three pyramids on the Giza Plateau corresponded to the belt stars of Orion. Up ahead on the lonely, arrow-straight road going north lay the three primary Mesas upon which the Hopi had lived, grew food, prayed and performed religious ceremonies for over a millennium. What if, I idly imagined, that triad of flat-topped mountains where the Hopi had constructed their stone and adobe villages were also an “Orion Correlation”?

I put those wispy daydream clouds in the back of my mind and proceeded to experience the peaceful but pragmatic Hopi themselves. After witnessing a number of sacred katsina dances of inestimable power and beauty, I returned home and got out a map of Arizona and a sky chart. What I found astounded me! There was a Hopi village or ruin site corresponding to each major star in the constellation—not just the belt stars.
Not only that, there appeared to be an inter-relationship between the ancient villages, separated by many miles, that were aligned to sunrise and sunset points on the horizon at the summer and winter solstices. Perfectly projected upon the high desert, Orion
lso incorporated what I came to call a “chakra line,” running down the middle of the constellation’s terrestrial configuration. It stretched from southwestern Colorado to the mouth of the Colorado River and contained more that a dozen villages or ruins. In addition, the template also encompassed the spectacular Ancestral Puebloan “star city” of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico—the largest groups of ruins in the American Southwest corresponding to Sirius, the brightest stellar body in the heavens. As we shall see, many vistas full of mystery and majesty unfold on the road to Orion.

Includes 391 pages, over 600 endnotes, 255 photos, sketches, diagrams, maps, and star charts.

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The Hopi have survived three world-ages, each created and destroyed because of social or spiritual chaos. We are now at the end of the Fourth World, going into the Fifth. Migration legends tell of Serpent People, or Nagas, sailing across the Pacific to America on reed rafts in order to escape a flood that wiped out the Third World. The Hopi still perform a Snake Dance for rain on the high desert. They once journeyed to all four directions and helped construct Ohio's Serpent Mound, which is oriented to the Pole Star and Sirius. There the Snake and Horn Clans met with a race of giants who built astounding earthworks and possibly even originated in North Africa. This bold but rigorously researched book reveals the genetic and cultural connections between these groups.

Includes 562 pages, 900 endnotes, and 265 photos, drawings, maps, and sky charts.

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"Gary David is a brilliant researcher and interpreter of America's hidden past. Santha and I had the privilege of travelling with him and learning from him in the southwest of the US this year [2017]  
Journey of the Serpent People is an excellent book! I just read it cover to cover. Highly recommended.” ." -Graham Hancock, author of America Before and Fingerprints of the Gods

"Gary has managed to show a concrete connection between the ancestral Hopi and Serpent Mound in Ohio by using all the best sources available. This is archaeoastronomy at its best, and lays a foundation for all savvy scholars now and in the future for the return of the thunderbirds and the Phoenix rising. I have not even read the entire book yet, but am already switched on to capacity. When Hancock says he is a brilliant scholar, take his word for it." -Ross Hamilton, author of The Mystery of the Serpent Mound

The phrase "As above, so below" is attributed to the Egyptian god of wisdom named Thoth. This echoes the biblical expression “on earth as it is in heaven.” Many diverse ancient cultures have erected sacred cities, pyramids, standing stones, or temples in order to mirror the stars. In particular the constellation Orion has been repeatedly projected as a talismanic pattern on numerous landscapes around the world. This book describes the sky-ground templates of Egypt, the American Southwest, Mexico, Nazca, the UK, Europe, Syria, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and other regions. It also discusses the celestial rituals of the Mithras cult, the Age of Taurus, the Sirius cosmology of the Dogon, and South African rock art. This essential archaeo-astronomy primer expands the star correlation theory to encompass the entire globe. Packed with nearly 225 photos, drawings, diagrams, maps, and star charts.

“…a must-read for pre-Columbian aficionados and aspiring anthropologists alike.” –Ross Hamilton, author of Star Mounds

Introduction on Ancient Origins website

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"As Above, so Below."

Some readers may be familiar with the correlation between the pyramids of Egypt's Giza Plateau and the stars of Orion. Beginning in 1100 A.D. on the Arizona desert, the Hopi constructed a similar pattern of villages that mirrors all the major stars in the constellation.

My book The Orion Zone explores the sky-ground relationship in the American Southwest and its astounding global significance. This useful guidebook is packed with diagrams, maps, sky charts, and photos of ruins and
rock art. It essentially decodes many of the ancient mysteries of the Pueblo Indian world.

The second book in the series, Eye of the Phoenix, discusses the stunning Southwestern landscape, Hopi legends, and other anomalies of the high desert, including the enduring Freemasonry influence.

The third book called The Kivas of Heaven continues the exploration of archaeoastronomy and Hopi starlore as well as Orion temples and native prophecies on the road to 2012.

The fourth book in the series, Star Shrines and Earthworks of the Desert Southwest, discusses the Lost Egyptian Cave in Grand Canyon, Ant People and the Hopi underworld, shamanistic roads in Chaco Canyon, Egyptian Orion as psychedelic barley god, a Pre-Columbian counterculture in the Southwest, epic sea voyages of the ancestral Hopi, and their prophecies of the Fifth World.

Read more about The Orion Zone.

Expanded second edition
of The Orion Zone .

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"...a classic in its own time." -Philip Gardine

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Also read about my book
Eye of the Phoenix
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"An atmospheric, inspiring book." -Nexus

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Third in the Orion Zone series:
The Kivas of Heaven.
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"...a choice read                        with plenty to ponder."
 -Midwest Book Review

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"As above, so below" seen in Star Shrines and Earthworks of the Desert Southwest.
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"...compelling and deeply thought-provoking."
-Graham Hancock

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Get both the 340-page book and the 80 minute DVD
of Gary David at the Sedona 2009 Ancient Mysteries Conference,
where he explores the mysterious locations of pueblos
in the American Southwest, circa 1100 AD, that appear to be a mirror image of the major stars of the Orion constellation.

A fast-paced, visual look at such topics as:
Sacred Star Knowledge of the Ancients
The Arizona Orion Correlation
The Hopi Blue Star Kachina
Prehistoric Star Map & Solstice Marker In Stone
Golden Mean Spiral Gate
The Great Pyramids of Arizona
The Ant People of the Hopi
Phoenix— A Masonic Metropolis
An Orion Temple In Colorado
Orion Kivas in New Mexico
Orion Correlations Across the Globe
Engraved Mystery Stones of South Africa
Hopi Prophecies of the End of the Fourth World
...plus more.
Get the richly illustrated book &  80"  DVD with bonus materials
--both for only   $34.95.                           DVD alone is $19.95.

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Where to order
 books by Gary A. David

What people are saying about his work

The Gold Standard for First Nations Orion Research

"This is a masterpiece of scholarship and educated speculation on the Orion constellation of stars and the role they play in human evolution. Beyond a doubt, it is well-researched and written. I am reading it right now for pleasure but I want to revisit some of the chapters before I comment further on the technical proclamations. But let me be blunt: do yourself a favor, get this book for your city and home library. It is a treasure chest of previously unknown references and unseen connections to cosmology in general. Professor David is intellectually honest, humble in his musings and I consider this author's subject matter skill-level outstanding: akin to that of John Major Jenkins and Joseph John Campbell, for examples. I know you will enjoy this book immensely too: it is a genuine page-turner and one that you will savor for its stimulating contents and startling conclusions about our future beyond 2012. On a sidenote, I can only imagine First Nations teachers and their students will benefit greatly from reviewing this work as well." 
-John Jay Harper  (June 24, 1951 - December 15, 2010),
author of Transformers: Shamans of the 21st Century

"Gary David's work is a treasure of enormous importance. He draws us deep into the mystery of Arizona and deeper still into the lost secrets of ancient cosmology. The truth behind the myths and symbols he's uncovering has the power to unify us, just as the Hopi prophesied." -William Henry, investigative mythologist, author, co-host of Whitley Strieber's "Dreamland" radio show

"In my view, Gary David is undeniably one of the greatest writers with absolute authority to spread the richness of the Hopi culture." -César Reyes, editor of Antiguos Astronautas

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Additional Links in The Orion Zone

Maps of The Orion Zone
Radio Interviews and Videos
Reviews of Gary A. David's books
Descriptions and Chapter Titles
of Star Shrines and Earthworks
of the Desert Southwest

Description and Chapter Titles
of The Kivas of Heaven
Description and Chapter Titles
of Eye of the Phoenix

Description and Chapter Synopses
of The Orion Zone


Left: Essays by Hancock, Bauval, JA West, Schoch, Hoagland, Collins, Cruttenden, Gary David & others.     
Read review of the anthology. Read description of the book. Buy it at Amazon.

Right: This anthology contains Mr. David's essay "Star Beings in Stone?
A Rock Art Site in Central South Africa."

Tucson, Arizona, USA

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