The Orion Zone and Island Hills Books present

by T.L. Subash Chandira Bose
                            & colleagues

Shree Lalithambigai, mother goddess

"It is our hope that these discoveries of ancient symbols, places, ruins, and language similarities of ancient times between India, America, and other parts of the world will continue to bring us all together in peace and we will see the wonderful connectedness of us all along with the cultural diversity that makes us all unique. We will continue to search out and bring public, as yet undiscovered sites that will push forward this goal."

Shree. T.L. Subash Chandira Bose
lives in Trichirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India.
He is a leading author for the Tamil magazine "Pazankasu" and researcher on ancient symbols and signs.

Read his essays:
"The Master Key to Unlock The Mystery of Concentric Circles" and
"Sri Yantra: The Symbol of Global Peace
and Harmony"

Read introductory essay for book:
"In search of true knowledge"
(PDF, Adobe Reader needed)

Watch short video of Brother Subash Bose discussing the OM Gayatri mantra.


The Secrecy of Sacred Symbols
(written in Tamil script, not English)

Keynote about the content of book: Sacred symbols are the store house of all metaphysical knowledge. It is the true knowledge that each and every human being has to attain in this birth by one's own search. That is the reason why the secrecy is kept within the symbols.

Authors: T.L. Subash Chandira Bose and Prof. V. Ram kumar.
Book size : 140 X 210 mm.
Total Number of Pages : 157
Pictures: 78 nos. B & W and color
Text : In Senthamil - 062 font size 12.
Cost: $7.00   U.S.

The content of the book is available to download in PDF format.

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