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Eye of the Phoenix
explores enigmas and anomalies in the vast American Southwest. The high desert boggles the mind and enchants the soul of anyone who enters its strangle dimensions. Having witnessed sacred Hopi ceremonies and rock art, I discuss little known aspects
of the indigenous people of the Four Corners region.

I also believe that a global culture existing in pre-Columbian times profoundly influenced the dynamics of daily life there. In other words, ancient people got around much more than traditional historians
are willing to acknowledge. My book provides evidence of this.

Read about: Ant People, Snake People, Dog Star People,
Sedona Sanskrit, Arizona Knights Templar Crosses, Reptilian Round Towers, Frontier Freemasonry, Meteor Crater, Hopi Kachinas, Golden Mean Spirals,
Stone Tablets and End Times

Perfect-bound trade paperback, over 300 pages.
190 photos, drawings, graphics, maps, or sky charts.

Cover art work and design by Jack Andrews.

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Chapter Titles

Introduction: Spiraling To the Center of the World
Chapter 1: Mystery Mesa—A Masonic Temple Beside an Ancient Hopi Village
Chapter 2: The Great Pyramids of Arizona
Chapter 3: Meteor Crater—Arizona's First Bonanza?
Chapter 4: Chaco Canyon—Ancient City of the Dog Star
Chapter 5: Phoenix—Masonic Metropolis In the Valley of the Sun
Chapter 6: Along the 33rd Parallel—A Global Mystery Circle
Chapter 7: The Flying Shields of the Hopi Katsinam
Chapter 8: Is the Starchild a Hopi God?
Chapter 9: The Ant People of Orion—Ancient Star Beings of the Hopi
Chapter 10: The Serpent Knights of the Round Temple
Chapter 11: Coming Up Through the Reed—Hopi Legends, Global Legacies
Chapter 12: The Nagas—Origin of the Hopi Snake Clan?
Chapter 13: Thunderclouds Over Palatki—A Sanskrit OM Symbol In Arizona
Chapter 14: The Tau (or T-shaped) Cross—Hopi/Maya/Egyptian Connections
Chapter 15: The Maltese Cross—Hopi Version of a Knights Templar Symbol
Chapter 16: Who Put the Ka- In the Hopi Katsina?
Chapter 17: The Hopi Stone Tablets of Tutskwa I’qatsi
Chapter 18: The Four Arms of Destiny—Swastikas In the Hopi World of the End Times
Chapter 19: Spiral Gate—The Arc of the Covenant
Afterword: The Blue Star, Hopi Prophecy, the Phoenix, and 9/11
Appendix 1: Boomplaas Petroglyph Site: The "OM" Symbol by Rob Milne

Appendix 2: Votan: Diffusionist Deity

In his book Eye of the Phoenix, Gary David's "…analysis of Hopi cosmology is instructive. Noting their relationship with "Star People", coverage of the "Starchild" skull, UFOs and "Ant People" is thus part of the territory. Completing his discussion of the Hopi worldview, David looks at their prophecies about the progression of worlds and the signs leading to the next End Time in our era-signs that we'd be wise not to ignore. An atmospheric, inspiring book." -Nexus, July-August 2008

A Few Images from Eye of the Phoenix -- Available from Adventures Unlimited Press `

"Ant People," rock art, northern Arizona

Florence, Arizona
Mausoleum of Charles Poston, first delegate to the Arizona Territory, Florence, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona
The Lunar and Martian Connection
Mausoleum of Freemasson George W. P. Hunt,
Arizona's first governor, Papago Park, Phoenix
Logo for Orion, the expected name for NASA's capsule-based Crew Exploration Vehicle
developed to carry a new generation of astronauts back to the Moon and later to Mars.

San Francisco Peaks, the Hopi sacred Kachina Peaks.
Humphreys (highest point in Arizona (left), Agassiz (middle), and Fremont (right)
compared to the three major pyramids on the Giza Plateau in Egypt.

OM-Palatki collage near Sedona, Arizona. Copyright © 2007 Jack Andrews.

Eye of the Phoenix -- Available from Adventures Unlimited Press

© 2000-20012 by Gary A. David. All rights reserved.

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