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kiva [kee-vah, noun] an underground or partially underground ceremonial chamber.
                                                                             -Hopi Dictionary

Orion dominates the winter sky, flanked by Taurus the Bull on one side and Canis the Great Dog on the other-three key constellations for the Hopi and prehistoric Pueblo People of the American Southwest. When these stars appear in the entryway of the kiva roof, they synchronize the sacred rituals being performed below. Here we see how a complex ceremonial cycle mirrors the turning of the heavens.

Join northern Arizona author and independent investigator Gary A. David as he explores the native "legacy of prophecy" related to the coming Earth changes.

Topics: Stargates, Hopi UFOs, Indian Mothman, shamanic mind-altering plants, cannibal giants, psychic archaeology, earth chakra lines, Colorado's Orion temple, Supernova 2012, Wormwood, the Hopi connection to Egypt and South Africa and more...

This book is packed with fascinating and little-known facts about one of the most mysterious and secretive tribes on the North American continent. You will come away with a deep appreciation of the way the Ancient Ones viewed the world above.

"...undeniably one of the greatest writers with absolute authority to spread the richness of the Hopi culture." -César Reyes, ed. Antiguos Astronautas

Perfect-bound trade paperback, nearly 400 pages.
220 photos, drawings, graphics, maps, tables, or sky charts.

Now available from Adventures Unlimited Press

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Chapter Titles

Preface Bio-Brief and Disclaimer
Chapter 1: What Is a Kiva?
Chapter 2: Stargates In Antiquity
Chapter 3: The Hopi Cosmos
Chapter 4: New Mexico’s Orion Kivas
Chapter 5: Colorado’s Orion Temple
Chapter 6: Hopi Flying Saucers Over Arizona
Chapter 7: The Taurus Correlation
Chapter 8: 2012 Supernova?
Chapter 9: The Wormwood Star
Chapter 10: Orion’s Copper Connection
Chapter 11: Ancient Giants of Earth and Sky
Chapter 12: Indian Mothman and Sacred Datura
Chapter 13: Arizona’s Psychic Archaeology
Chapter 14: Hopi Kachinas and Egyptian Stars
Chapter 15: Under South African Skies
Chapter 16: Ancient Prophecy Now
Chapter 17: The Kivas of 2012
Endnotes and Bibliography

The Kivas of Heaven -- Now available from Adventures Unlimited Press

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