Gary A. David's Favorite Links

Adventures Unlimited Press

Ambilak UK (Howard Middleton-Jones)
Antiguos Astronautas (Spanish language)
Astronomy and Space Sites Resource
The Book of Thoth
Boris & Sharkstooth
Charged Barticle
The Daily Grail
Disaster Archaeology (Amanda Laoupi)
The Equinox Project
Eye To the Sky
FGUD Forschungsgesellschaft Urgeschichtliche Details (German language)
Gary Osborn
Granham Hancock
Gwynne Spencer
Hopi Religion
Hugo Kennes
John Q. Jacobs
Mysterious Arizona (Jack Andrews)
Mythomorph (Jeff Nisbet)
Native Science (Ivar Nielsen)
Our Strange Planet (Christopher O'Brien)
Places of Peace and Power (Martin Gray)
Philip Coppens
Ray Urbaniak
Red ice Creations
Robert Bauval
Rob Milne
The Solstice Project
Sri Vidya International Foundation
Techqua Ikachi
Templar Mechanics
The Truth (Tom Mills)

Updated: June 2, 2011
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