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The Sky-Ground Correlation Theory

The Orion Correlation projected on the high desert of Arizona is verified by both archaeological evidence and ceremonial or mythological lore of the Hopi Indians. In the research process I came to some startling conclusions:

The Hisatsinom, or the ancient Hopi (formerly called the Anasazi), used the template of the constellation Orion to determine the locations of their stone villages during an extended migration lasting over two centuries.
—The time period for the creation of this template ranged from about 1050 to 1300 AD.

—The Hopi god of earth and death called Masau'u spiritually mandated this "terrestrial Orion" to closely mirror its celestial counterpart. We can easily see how prehistoric "star cities" correspond to every major star in the constellation.
—The star pattern
by its specific orientation on the land also encodes various sunrise and sunset points of both summer and winter solstices.
—A central flux of ley line energy additionally occurs in the spine of the terrestrial Orion along a series of ancient pueblo sites and geoglyphs ranging from southwestern Colorado to the mouth of the Colorado River. This indicates a functional Earth-Chakra system.
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—The overall pattern is similar to the Giza Orion Correlation that forms part of an ancient global network. Think of them like giant photo birth announcements celebrating the birth of the universe.

Left, Orion constellation as laid out on the Arizona desert; right, Orion reversed 180° from its appearance in the sky.

The Orion Zone discusses a certain star in the left hand of Orion. This star is called Pi 3 Orionis (HIP 22449), only 26 light-years from Earth. Some believe it may be a binary star. It is slightly larger and hotter than our Sun, but it basically similar. In addition, Pi 3 is # 2185 in the SETI Star Catalogue. It's among Project Phoenix's "Best and Brightest" Candidates for having exo-planets and ET life. It 's also in NASA's top 100 target stars for the Terrestrial Planet Finder telescope observatories. Planned launch date: 2012.

Spectral type: F6V"As Pi3 Orionis has become one of the top 100 target stars for NASA's planned Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF), images of this star and its position relative to the Milky Way in Earth's night sky are now available from the TPF-C team." http://www.solstation.com/stars/pi3ori2.htm

Long ago the Hopi made a template in the shape of the Orion constellation on the Arizona desert. The left arm of this pattern, which holds Pi 3 Orionis, rests in Grand Canyon. (See the second map.) The Hopi consider this amazing geological formation to be their Sipapuni or "place of emergence." Did they create this Orion Correlation in order to leave a clue to their interstellar migrations of their Star Elders from the left hand of the constellation? A long shot perhaps, but it is an intriguing enigma to ponder. To find out more, read The Orion Zone.

Mastop katsinaSome questions raised in The Orion Zone -- Available from Adventures Unlimited Press

• How does the constellation Orion correspond to the pattern of ancient Hopi villages in the American Southwest?

• What is the function of the chakra system that energizes what may be called the “terrestrial Orion” in Arizona?
The Orion Zone
The Hopi god Masau'u/Orion near Oraibi, Arizona
(figure adapted from an illustration by Petra Roeckerath,
Stories of Maasaw, A Hopi God,
Ekkehart Malotki and Michael Lomatuway'ma,
University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, 1987)

• What is the relationship between this constellation and Masau'u [MASS-SAW-OO], the Hopi god of the Earth, death, and the underworld?

• Why does this primary Hopi deity (whose name literally means “gray”) resemble contemporary representations of extraterrestrial Greys?

• What do the ancient stories about Hopi "flying shields" mean?

• What do the names "Arizona" and "Orion" have in common?

• What is the purpose of the stone tablets or maps given to the ancient Hopi at the onset of their long migration period?

• How did the supernova explosion of 1054 AD and the volcanic eruption of 1064 AD influence these migrations?

• What is the relationship between Chaco Canyon, the largest ruin site in the Four Corners region, and Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens?

• Who are the "Ant People" and what do the Hopi legends say about them?

What are the Hopi connections to the Maya?

• What are the Hopi connections to Egypt?

• Is there a global legacy regarding the constellation Orion?

• What is the evidence for Hopi migration from the South Pacific and perhaps even India?

• What do the Hopi say about the End Times?

Why is Orion positioned the way it is on the Arizona desert?... In order for the left arm of Orion to reach Grand Canyon!

What others are saying about The Orion Zone -- Available from Adventures Unlimited Press

“At a time when the 'star religions' of the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, and Mayans are coming to light, Gary A. David's research and insightfulness add a greater depth of understanding to what was known about the sky by the ancient Anasazi and Hopi Indians of the American Southwest. In the same brilliant spirit of Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock, David proves again and again the importance of Orion and other constellations to the earliest people on Earth. His book in turn makes a valuable contribution to our spiritual unfoldment in modern times.” -Page Bryant, psychic, teacher, and author of Spiritwalking and The Second Coming of the Star Gods

“His work offers an exciting and refreshing new view of history, people and the importance of the stars (star peoples) in the essential development of their cultures. And now the [we have] the possibility of reforging the essential connection. This has broad implications.” -Lane Badger, publisher of Four Corners magazine

“Gary David had found the mirrored, proportioned locations of all the major stars of Orion exactly on the ground, centered at Anasazi and Hopi ruins and sacred sites! Not only that, but he has found solstice lines that run parallel to many of the Orion star sightings that also run through Anasazi and Hopi sites! Not only that, but he has found a "chakra" line that runs down the center of Orion straight through major sites! The left part of Orion's arm passes through a portion of the Grand Canyon also.” -Barry McEwen, from “Ancient Egyptian Treasures in the Grand Canyon: Smoking Guns and Psychic Fuel”

“From the incredible adobe village complexes of Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde National Park to the enigmatic symbols carved into desert rocks, the evidence David compiles is both compelling and convincing. Gary David's The Orion Zone is an extremely important book that winds through Anasazi lands like the tracks of a snake, towards a destination somewhere above the horizon where Orion walks.” -Rick M. Gned, Sub Rosa, Issue 6, October 2006 (To download the entire issue in PDF format for free, go to http://subrosa.dailygrail.com.)

“A truly fascinating reading of Hopi-Egyptian relations. Gary David, a non-Hopi, has put together a significant in-depth research that reflects on some of the Hopis’ best-kept knowledge of astronomy and history, known only to a handful of entrusted record keepers of the ancient Hopisinom... a must-read.” -ros, Hopi village of Munquapi, Third Mesa

“Gary has made a marvelous and insightful contribution to the history of the Hopi Indians with his ongoing research in Arizona... His work is unique and shows the pre-Columbian cross-cultural knowledge, that was shared by the peoples of the world in prehistory, was extant in Arizona with the Hopi.” -Crichton E M Miller,author of The Golden Thread of Time

The Orion Zone is unique, intellectually invigorating, fresh, speculative in the best sense and engaging in its presentation. Gary David writes from the head and heart about a subject he knows well-- the Hopi, their beliefs, and their cosmology . . . a truly insightful read.” -Gary Osborn co-author of The Serpent Grail and The Shining Ones

"I live in Arizona, and I too am enamored with this beautiful and wondrous place. I have visited many of the sites you have mentioned in your book. I've never emailed the author of a book, but no author to date has captured my imagination as you have. Thank you for bringing this incredible thesis to the world." - Tony Garone, musician and composer. (Check out his CDs: Big Star Way and The Epic of Gilgamesh.)

Chapter Synopses of The Orion Zone -- Available from Adventures Unlimited Press
The book’s central thesis in its most concentrated form (namely., the Orion Correlation Theory as it is implemented in Arizona) is found in Chapter 2. The first chapter researches the character of the Anasazi, while Chapter 3 inquires into the mythological significance of Orion according to the various cultures around the world, including the Hopi, who associate the constellation with their god Masau’u.

Chapter 4 describes in greater depth the village and ruin sites corresponding to the belt stars as well as to the shoulders and legs. Chapter 5 deals with the effects on Anasazi culture of both a supernova explosion and a volcanic eruption in the 11th century A.D. It also discusses the Hopi stone tablets and a specific star map/solstice marker petroglyph. Chapter 6 enumerates the Arizona sites correlating to the head and arms of Orion; in addition, the chakra line is talked about in greater detail. Chapter 7 explains the Katsina (or Kachina) Phenomenon, especially the celestial beings, while Chapter 8 designates the companion sites to Orion in the Southwest, including Grand Canyon, Chaco Canyon, and Death Valley.

Part II of the book begins with Chapter 9, which delineates the Hopi-Mesoamerican connection. We follow the chakra line’s vector into the South Pacific in Chapter 10, delving into some surprising correspondences to the ancestral Hopi. Chapter 11 investigates the global Orion legacy, focusing upon the Orion Correlation at Giza and Egyptian influences on the ancient peoples of the Colorado Plateau. Chapter 12 involves the Phoenix stargate, the ancient Hohokam, and the Masonic heart of Aztlan. Finally, Chapter 13, the most far-reaching in the book, explores the stunning implications of the Serpent People (i.e., the Knights Templar), Hopi prophecy of the End Times, and the Ant People from Orion.

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• Contains 58 photos of ancient ruins, rock art, diagrams, astronomical charts, and maps.
• Includes index, bibliography with over 350 sources, and nearly 1,000 endnotes.
Cover artwork and design by Jack Andrews.

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